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This standard applies to virtually all gas furnaces sold in Canada and requires a minimum fuel efficiency level of 90%. Visit your SaskEnergy Network Member for a selection of natural gas heating equipment and convenient financing OAC. High Efficiency Furnace Fact Sheet.
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Do not require a chimney since combustion products are vented through PVC or ABS plastic pipe out the side of the house. High-efficiency furnaces have an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency AFUE rate of 90 to 98 per cent. Learn about furnace features and energy-efficient options. Switch to gas.
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High Efficiency Furnaces in Edmonton. SLP98V Variable-Capacity Gas Furnace. Dave Lennox Signature Collection. The most efficient and quietest furnace you can buy! EL296V High-Efficiency, Two-Stage Gas Furnace. High-efficiency, variable speed gas furnace. EL195E Gas Furnace. Single-stage furnace with Power Saver technology.
Buying a High-Efficiency Furnace. Buying a High-Efficiency Furnace.
home the portion for heating is about 30 percent. Obviously, if you can squeeze more efficiency out of your heating and cooling equipment, you can make a major dent in your monthly energy bills. If you intend to stay in your home for a few years, upgrading from an old, inefficient furnace to a new, high-efficiency model can pay for itself and improve your comfort. An obsolete furnace can be very expensive. If your furnace was installed before 1992, it is probably obsolete. In an effort to curb energy waste and pollution, the U.S. Department of Energy DOE instituted standards for manufacturers at the beginning of 1992 that required every new furnace to turn at least 78 percent of its fuel into heat. On May 1, 2013, these minimums rose to 80 percent. All new models sold must meet or surpass this; efficiencies climb as high as 98.5 percent with the best models. So, if your gas or oil-burning furnace was installed before 1992, youre probably sending 30 percent or more of your energy dollars up the furnace flue, and, by the way, pumping up to 4 tons of carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere each year.
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Hire a licensed heating contractor to regularly inspect your unit. Clean or replace the air filter in your furnace regularly look at your owners manual for the most precise information. Chimney maintenance, all furnaces produce combustion gases that must be vented outside your home. Occasional inspection of the chimney is required. Consult our Heating with Gas brochure for detailed information. Whats in a label? Furnaces in Canada can have two labels.: The ENERGY STAR symbol means the model is highly energy efficient. The voluntary EnerGuide label shows the models energy consumption and how it compares to similar models. Learn more about EnerGuide labels for furnaces. The ENERGY STAR Promise. All ENERGY STAR certified products are tested to meet strict efficiency specifications and are certified by an independent third party.
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ML195 High-Efficiency Gas Furnace. The quietest high-efficiency furnace you can buy! Here are some of the top features of the ML195.: Efficiency rating of up to 95% AFUE. That means the EL280 can significantly reduce your heating costs, compared to an older furnace.
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So whether you are simply looking for a maintenance plan, or looking to trade up your furnace, or you are building a new home, you have come to the right place. Installing a high efficiency gas furnace can save you money on both your Gas and your Hydro bill.
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Standard-efficiency furnaces that are 20 years old or more may be as little as 60 per cent efficient, while post 1990 mid-efficient models can achieve an annual efficiency of 78 to 82 per cent. Furnace buying tips. Switch to natural gas.
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See, after 1992, new laws were passed that required furnaces to be more efficient with their fuel usage. Furnaces were and are graded with whats called the AFUE rating: the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating, and its important to think about when considering replacing your old furnace. Wait, the Annual what? The AFUE is a rough percentage of the fuel or energy your furnace can transform into heat during the year. Older furnaces tend to clock an AFUE of only around 65 percent, which means nearly half the energy your furnace uses is being wasted which equates to a LOT of wasted money! Heres a comparison: Todays high-efficiency furnaces have an AFUE that can go as high as 98.5 percent, meaning nearly 100% of the propane or natural gas burned is being used to actually heat your home.

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The 15 percent energy efficiency difference between an 80 AFUE versus a 95 AFUE furnace amounted to 200 in gas savings in 2007. These Calculators Can Help. You might not be a math genius, so you might be scratching your head at how to figure out the savings. There are online high efficiency furnace cost savings calculators to help.
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